Apple recently extended its opportunity to buy AppleCare. Traditionally, Apple gave users 60 days from their purchase date to add AppleCare to their hardware products. Apple has now extended that 60-day window to one year from the date or purchase policy.

Apple last year starred offering AppleCare as a monthly subscription. Apple care on mobile devices and wearables usually only lasts two years. This change to a monthly subscription gives users the ability to continue paying indefinitely, extending Apple’s warranty until the consumer chooses to stop paying the recurring fee.

While all these news options are great the AppleCare+ plan is currently only offered for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apple still only offers a 3-year warranty on a Mac with no option to extend. This to me is concerning considering that on iMac, MacBook, and Mac Pro the average selling point is $2500 or more.

I am really shocked that Apple does not at least offer extended AppleCare on their Pro device line. I could understand Apple not offering extended warranties on MacBook Air or Mac Mini since they are the lower end devices but on the Pro line of Macs I find this to be very concerning.

Many users buy the Pro line for business or work and I am sure would be willing to extend the warranty out past three years. I understand why Apple favors the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch since they are the largest and most successful products for the company.

I think that Apple really needs to worry about their Pro line users as this is a market where Apple could make money by offering an extended warranty to users that would purchase it going forward as these machines are important to them for work. Since Apple makes the Proline with extra quality in mind they could make money by users paying and not using the warranty while putting their user’s minds as ease by having an extended warranty. I think this is a market that Apple is really missing out on and a service Apple users want.