Apparently, the whole point is that these smart glasses will be tied to Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, and they’ll use “a bone-conduction audio system” to let users hear Alexa without having to put in headphones or use a normal speaker. In other words, it’s like having an AI in your head reading you the day’s Jeopardy! questions or giving you the weather forecast, except the AI is actually just on your face. The Alexa on the glasses will most likely be voice-activated, though, meaning you’ll still look like a crazy person when you call out for Alexa to tell you about the weather. Thankfully you’ll be wearing glasses, so everyone will just assume you’re some quirky genius.

Amazon hasn’t commented on any of this, so it’s possible that the glasses are just some internal experiment that will never come out, but at least this more interesting than another boring smart watch.


Amazon needs to start making wearables if they want to compete against Google and Apple.