I recently have been reviewing cloud storage services and I decided to give Mega a look and see what it had to offer. Mega has gone legit over the last several years but still keeping the core security mindset in place. When I first started using Mega I have to say I was overly impressed.

Mega does client-side encryption meaning that before they send that data to the cloud they encrypt the data then they use end-to-end encryption to send the data then they store the data encrypted on their servers. When reading into their security practices I was very impressed as they work very hard to keep everything secure for the user.

The service definably has popularity consider they tout that they have over 30 million users. Mega does not just do file storage they have encrypted chat and file sharing. Giving a free 50 gigs of storage to every user right from the start puts them ahead of companies like Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft who offer 15 gigs to start.

Their pricing was very reasonable offering about 6 dollars for 200 gig of storage a month and about 12 dollars for 1 TB. The going rate by most storage companies for a terabyte of storage is $9.99 but with Mega, you are going to pay a little more because of the added security the same goes for US file storage company SpiderOak. Let’s not forget that you are getting an encrypted messaging chat with the file storage which you don’t get with any other storage provider.

mega pricing

Mega is not just web-based they have a mobile client which is on the same level with OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox. Mega even has a desktop client for all platforms (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) that at times is just as good if not better than the main storage providers.

The stability of the service seemed too good the entire time I used Mega I never had an issue with the services. Since Mega is a spin-off from MegaUpload the general consensus I got from forums and blog is people are afraid to store important data users are afraid of losing.

The thing Mega lacks the trust from users which hurts them from growing to a certain degree. A lot of users like me were afraid to store anything important on their servers in fear that at some point the servers will be taken down. When storing with Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Amazon or Oracle you know they are proven legitimate companies in the marketplace and tomorrow when you wake up your data will still be there.

I don’t want to take anything away from Mega their service is AMAZING I would say one of the fastest and well-built storage services I have ever used despite the great security and cool chat add-on. But the problem for me is I can’t be afraid of losing data and for me, I just could not put everything up on their cloud with confidence.

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