Adobe was the victim in trend of exploiting databases Egyptian hacker named ViruS_HimA hacked into Adobe servers and leaked private data.  The hacker posted links to records of employees from Adobe, NASA and the US Military on pastebin.

More then 150,000 emails and hashed passwords of Adobe employees and customers/partner of the firm such were released.

  • US Military
  • USAF
  • Google
  • Nasa
  • DHL

Are just a few of the more popular ones many other were leaked as well.

The leaked file contains a list of for each account the following information:

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Title
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Company
  • Username
  • Password hash

Though hashing passwords is a common method to secure this information, it’s not the most secure of methods, and these passwords can easily be cracked with modern and readily available technology.

Hima has also claimed he has only released email addresses @, *.gov or *.mil.

The New York Times notes that some of the information is out of date.  They found the record of a man who is listed as a product manager for Adobe. After performing a quick LinkedIn search, they discovered the same man left Adobe to work for Google in 2010.

The hacker is already promising a “hot leak” of Yahoo’s data in the near future.  I have a feeling we will be reporting on this hacker again in the near future.