Think of scenario where you accidentally delete all the information stored in your Recycle Bin! It won’t matter much if all the information stored was redundant in nature. However, losing sensitive and important information surely doesn’t paint a very pretty picture and that is exactly where EaseUS Data Recovery software comes in to our rescue.

This file recovery software can help users recover data from USB drives, hard drives, memory cards as well as other storage medias. The fact that it is compatible with different Windows file systems ranging from NTFS to FAT and even EXT further adds up to its lucrativeness. This functional freeware has a recovery limit of 500MB which gets extended to 2GB on clicking the share button of the wizard.

Steps To Recover Data

  • First you will have to launch this file recovery software and choose the location which you wish to scan. The file location can also be specified in this step amongst the available options of Libraries, Desktop or Documents. You can even opt for an external storage device, partition or hard drive.


  • It takes just a few seconds for the initial scan to take place under which the deleted files and folders are searched using basic algorithm. Under this step, the files which were emptied from the Recycle Bin are scanned for restoration.


  • On completion of ‘Quick Scan’ an in-depth version of the same begins automatically. The storage device sector gets scanned in detail to present users with further results although this might come off as a pretty time consuming step.


  • Users can preview all the recoverable files on completion of the scan. The results can be filtered on the basis of location as well as file time. Once you have decided on the files you wish to retrieve, you will simply have to check the boxes appearing next to the same and click the ‘Recover’ button.


Salient Features

  • Scanned results can be both imported and exported by simply clicking the Import or Export Scan Status button. This feature helps in proceeding with data recovery directly from the spot where you had left off earlier.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is compatible with Mac data recovery as well as Windows XP, Vista, 8 and 10.
  • Users can search for their desired files through the built-in search tool of this file recovery software by typing in either its extension or name.
  • File recovery can be conducted from drives formatted with Mac HFS+ as well as Windows file systems.
  • This wizard-based utility offers its users with three different options of Deleted File Recovery, Partition Recovery and Complete Recovery.
  • While restoring files simultaneously, the original folder structure is kept intact. This makes it easy to comprehend the place where different files and folders were stored prior to getting deleted.
  • Another unique feature is ‘backup and restore’ which can come to your rescue if you wish to scan one drive after scanning another. Users can thus back up the scan results of the first drive in an RSF file for being restored once you wish to recover the drive’s files.


File recovery becomes super easy using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which supports a long list of formats for adding up to its versatility. So, try it out today and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.

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