Technological advancement has simplified our lives in tremendous ways. Despite the bustling lifestyle, we are able to complete every task assigned smartly and efficiently. How? Because there are thousands of inventors out there that struggle hard to make our lives easier, better, and sweat-free. Yes, we are the blessed generation who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths—I would rather say ‘with a golden spoon’. If you are a perfectionist, you might think of standing out in the crowd even when you have to give gifts to your loved ones. It is a beautiful thought, no doubt.

Getting a gift that is meant to be placed in the corner of a living room would not add much value to anyone’s life. But, finding a gift that is of everyday use, you would be making a perfect choice. When it comes to choosing something for the tech geek in your life, you MUST think beyond the usual phones, tablets, and laptops. Think a bit differently, brainstorm the gift ideas, or just have a look at the list of surprising gift ideas we have here:

  • Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders are a great invention for the tech geeks. Telescopic ladders are safe to use and are extremely helpful for the men in your life. Why? Men are always hunting for problems that they can solve for you or anyone else. Telescopic ladder is light in weight and easy to carry everywhere. You can extend it as much as you want to on the basis of your required needs. You can visit Product Spy for details.

  • Flux Portable Charger

Our generation is obsessed with mobile phones no matter what country they belong to. Due to excessive usage and addictive games, the phones are always running low on batteries.  As soon as the phone dies, it appears the world has turned black and white. You can add colors to your life instantly by keeping this tiny portable charging device. Be it the case that you are unable to leave the task at hand or that you are away from home, you can keep this for any kind of emergency situation. So you don’t have to worry about the battery of your cell phone, camera, or laptop. Flux charger is an easy and portable charger with a 4,000mAh battery. The charger has built-in cords for iPhone and Android devices.

  • Temperature Control Travel Mug

For the tea and coffee lovers, a temperature control mug manages the temperature of their hot drink. It maintains the perfect temperature from your first sip to the last one. You can set the preferences via an associated app and the mug will take care of the temperature of your coffee, even if you leave it on the table for an hour.

  • Hidrate Spark

Do you drink enough water every day? Most of the answers will be ‘No’. We all are forgetful. With a hell lot of work, it is hard to remember drinking water every now and then. Hidrate Spark is a friendly tech invention that reminds you to drink water. It is a smart way of staying hydrated at all times. When there is a low intake of water, it glows up and reminds you to drink water.

  • AUKEY Optic pro lens for iPhone

While using optic pro lens, you don’t need to carry a DSLR camera. AUKEY Optic pro lens fits in the front camera of iPhone and has a 110-degree view field. The optic pro lens is an alloy of glass and aluminum. You can take photos of wide beautiful landscapes using this amazing detachable camera lens when on the vacations with family or friends.

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Andrea Taylor is a human resource expert with over 10 years’ experience helping HR managers and employees create better work relations. She’s also an avid freelance writer who has been published in online magazines and cooperate websites. When she is not engaged in HR developments, she loves hitting the road to see new places and exploring new gadgets. She regularly writes blogs at

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