Technology has become a huge part of everyone’s daily life, most of all with the gadgets we carry on us a lot of the time. Personalizing these items can be fun and an expression of one’s personality. Since electronics only have small variances in the options you have available, it can be nice to make it your own. New accessories are constantly keeping up to date with the evolving technology. These 5 easy ways can help you to express your individuality by providing a way to personalize your gadgets.

  1. Phone Cases

Cases are a way to keep your phone protected and decorated at the same time. It’s a given that the fancy new smart phones that come out every year become more and more delicate. iPhones, having a glass screen, need to have a case to reduce the chance of cracking. But no one wants a bulky boring case. Luckily, there are designs and colors galore to choose from.

Whether you have a favorite color or certain style, you are sure to find a case to suit you. Swapping cases for every occasion can be easy. Want to accessorize your Halloween costume? There are even iPhone cases for Halloween! Creative cases come in all sizes and can even help give you inspiration for a costume.

  1. Pop Sockets

Pop sockets are a new trend for the smart phone industry. They are small circles that pop in and out and stick on the back of your phone. This accessory provides an extra piece to grip onto when you are holding your phone with one hand. It aids in selfie taking and texting. Some people even use it as a stand to prop their phone against while watching shows or videos on their mobile device.

These are a completely customizable piece to add to any phone. They come in a variety of designs, and companies give them out to advertise. Pop Sockets are a perfect way to add a personalized touch to any phone.

  1. Watch Wristbands

Smart watches have replaced the standard watch nowadays with the extreme convenience of their features. With this new technology, you can check your messages, heart rate, track exercise and much more using the small screen on your wrist. Many of these watches come with a standard, boring band, but it can be removed.

There are vast amounts of options if you want to change the band. This allows you to customize the look of the watch to match any outfit you want. You have all the properties of any smart watch you want without having to compromise style. It also allows people with very small or large wrists to find a band that fits them the best.

  1. Laptop Stickers

Stickers can be a great way to pick and choose the personal touch you can put on a laptop. It is very common for popular brands to either give stickers with a purchase or have the option to buy them. A popular look is to cover the top of your computer with stickers that tell who you are. It is also an easy way to distinguish your laptop from someone else’s that may have the same kind. This trend is an affordable and fun activity that you can constantly change and update.

  1. Controllers

Every gaming console comes with standard controller. The thing about it is that usually video gamers want or need more than just one. It is possible to buy customized versions instead of the boring black, white or blue colors. Pictures, sports teams and designs can be put in the face of the controller. You can even completely build your own, which lets you design everything down to the triggers and buttons.

Individuality is something that seems to be disappearing in today’s society, but it does not have to. These five simple ways to decorate technology can help you express yourself and personalize your own gadgets.