1. Heartland Payment System
  2. TJX
  3. Epsilon
  4. RSA
  5. Stuxnet
  6. Department of Veterans Affairs
  7. Sony PlayStation Network
  8. ESTsoft
  9. Gawker Media
  10. Google, etc.
  11. VeriSign
  12. CardSystems
  13. AOL
  14. Monster.com
  15. Fidelity National Information Services


Out of all these I think the most brutal security breach was AOL because they got domain hijacked.  But I think the VeriSign and Playstation hack effected more people and on a much larger scale.  The Playstation network I remember took a VERY long time to recover from the hack and then was hacked again.  Security is so important but no matter how much you secure something someone can almost always fine a back door especially if they have the time, resources and money.


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