When you’re watching a crucial sports clash live online or on TV, the last you thing you want is for the screen to go blank.

But that’s precisely what happened for soccer fans using YouTube TV to livestream the recent World Cup semi-final clash between England and Croatia.

Midway through the crucial knockout game, YouTube’s coverage failed, leaving millions of people scrambling to find another way to catch the rest of the game.

Keen to make up for the outage, YouTube has decided to offer subscribers at least a week’s worth of free service, Android Authority reported. It also also said that at least some of those who complained directly to customer service were told they would receive a month’s worth of credit.

YouTube TV recently raised its monthly subscription to $40, so those receiving a week’s worth of credit can expect to save around $10.

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I am wondering how many people canceled their service or those that were thinking about getting the service will hold off after this bad press.

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