If you listened to music on a computer in the early-Noughties, chances are Winamp had pride of place on your desktop. Now, the much-loved MP3 player has been given a major update for PC, as well as looking forward to entering the streaming age with a new app for Android and iOS mobile devices in 2019. Here’s the best way to download Winamp 5.8 today.

As was widely reported, a beta version of Winamp 5.8 recently leaked online. In response, Winamp-owner Radionomy has now made an official version of the update available to download.

The company recommends you only download Winamp from its website, so you can be sure it’s “safe for you to use” and we absolutely agree – this is the only way you should now be looking to download the new Winamp.

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I am so thrilled to see this software back we reviewed it a few years ago I loved it. Winamp Review