With so many Desktop media players available for the desktop and smart phone these days its hard to pick the right player for your non DRM protected music.  There is so much media out there podcasts, streaming radio and MP3 files.  I’ve used dozens over the years iTunes, Windows Media Player and MediaMonkey just to name a few.  Any all are slow, crash or are not just cool.  My personal favorite that works great is Winamp.

We all remember Winamp as the first player of MP3 files and had a great streaming radio service at the time from Shoutcast.  I have been using Winamp since Windows 98.  Then the company got purchased by AOL and stayed around into the later years.

Winamp has been stagnant for years, lacking a number of the features that make more modern music players popular. Now, however, a new version of Winamp has hit the streets, with a new look and tons of new useful features.  The thing that impressed me most is Winamp for Mac.

The latest version of Winamp for Mac Sync is available and is in Beta.  This latest update of Winamp for Mac Sync Beta allows greater music management features, play queue enhancements and will allow future releases to be updated automatically.

Some of the new features available are

  1. Play Queue Window
  2. Drag and Drop
  3. Auto-update
  4. Growl and Notification Support
  5. Additional Watch Folder Support
  6. Introduction of Release and Beta Channels
  7. Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

Winamp for that Mac looks cool, it’s light weight and takes up very little resources.  Winamp has also uped there game making there new Winamp available for the Android. To make things even better you can turn your smart phone into a remote for Winamp.  Winamp is back and better then ever!

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