Many of my readers have reached out to me and asked me what I read on Apple News+ so I started looking over what I read and it’s interesting to see how diverse my interests are as a reader and a writer.

Popular Mechanics

This is a magazine I have been a subscriber of since I was a kid and while I feel bad canceling my subscription there is no need for me to subscribe to both popular mechanics and Apple News+ since its part of my subscription. This magazine has really survived the test of time with how the world changes from cars, computers, internet, cell phones, and gadgets. This is one publication that has proven they can change with the times.


Wired is one magazine that I have subscribed to for what feels like forever since I got into computers and the internet. I remember I started reading this when Bill Gates was on the cover in the late 90s. They are one of the true tech magazines of the time.


I always liked reading esquire ever since I was a teenager their tips on men’s fashion, grooming and entertainment have always been great to read and now their tech section is very well done. They are one of the longest running magazines of all time and while the writing has shifted a bit over the years, they still put out a great publication.

Linux Format

This is one magazine I have started reading religiously. I have been a Linux Journal subscriber for close to a decade but since I have started with Apple News+ I stopped my subscription to Linux Journal to save a little money since I am paying for Apple News+. I am a big Linux guy and this is a great publication I read every month.


Being a tinker like I am and being into tech and tools this is a magazine that ranks right up there with Popular Mechanics and Wired. While I never was a subscriber to the magazine now with Apple News+ I read it every month as part of my reading habits.

Entrepreneur and Inc

I used to subscribe to Entrepreneur and Inc a while back I canceled them only because every month I may only read a few articles out of the magazine and felt I was not getting my money’s worth but now that they are included in my subscription I flip through them to see what I want to read and don’t get the feeling I am wasting money.

This next group of magazines are in the category off I will read them if there is someone on the cover I am interested in or an article on the cover I may want to read. While I would not spend the few dollars to buy them in a store or subscribe. Since they are part of my subscription, I will look at the cover to see if I am interested and will read if I am interested enough.

  • Men’s Journal
  • Vanity Fair
  • Vogue
  • Cnet
  • Classic rock
  • Entertainment
  • Green Entrepreneur
  • Guitar Player
  • Guitar World
  • Guitarist
  • Total Guitar
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • How It Works

I would like to point out there is two magazines I am shocked I did not find as part of Apple News+. I subscribe to them on kindle cause I am a fan of the publication.

  • Vice
  • 2600