VLC Chromecast support has been in the works for a good few years and finally makes its first official appearance here, in VLC 3.0.

As you’d expect the feature lets you cast video and audio files from your PC or laptop direct to a Chromecast, be it connected to a TV or a speaker.

While VLC Chromecast support isn’t as user-friendly as I’d like it be — you won’t, for example, see a Chromecast icon appear in the toolbar when available — it is still straight forward and easy to use.

In VLC 3.0 you’ll find a new option listed in the Playback menu called “Renderer”. In this menu you’ll see local Google Cast enabled devices that are available on your network, and you can quickly select one to stream content to.

OMG Ubuntu

VLC great piece of software so glad to see them moving ahead with a huge feature asked for by many.