Verizon has been pushing their Verizon Unlimited Data Plans hard is their most recent commercials but like with any advertising it’s all in the wording let’s take a deeper look at Verizon Unlimited Data Plan.

The Verizon Beyond Unlimited plan offers Unlimited 4G LTE data, but when you read the fine print it says you could experience reduced speeds at times of network congestion once you exceed 22GB in a billing cycle. Unlimited mobile hotspot data says with up to 15GB of LTE speeds. So, what this means if after 15G of Hotspot data you will be throttled. HD video streaming on smartphones (limited to 720p) and Full HD 1080p video streaming for tablets. There is no way to stream videos at 1080p or higher on phones period unless you upgrade to their other plan Go Unlimited which offers DVD-quality streaming.

The Verizon Go Unlimited plan offers Unlimited 4G LTE data, but you could experience reduced speeds if the network is congested at all times. If the network is congested where you are, you might get slowed down — even at the very beginning of your billing cycle. Unlimited mobile hotspot speeds are capped at a maximum of 600kbps but the amount of data is unlimited compared to Beyond Unlimited 15GB cap. DVD-quality video streaming (480p) on smartphones and HD (720p) video streaming on tablets. There’s no way to watch at higher resolution for either.

I would like to point out that Verizon is not alone with this nearly all of its rivals have already put in place some arbitrary restrictions on video quality or overall data speeds. My issue is the unlimited data plans used to place no limits on mobile video or usage what so ever and if you’re on a metered plan with an overage charge after you hit your cap there are no video quality or hotspot restrictions to worry about because these companies want you to hit your cap as quickly as possible so they can charge you the overage charge.

If these companies want to bring unlimited data back at a higher change they should bring it back but it should be truly unlimited.