I recently decided to ditch my landline phone for Skype. The first reason I decided to ditch my landline was because of cost for a phone with the unlimited long distance which I am playing close to $77 dollars a month from Verizon.

After looking at several VoIP services I decided that Skype was the best choice for me. Ooma and other services want the purchase of hardware I already have a smartphone for walking around and most of the time I use my landline I am on my computer anyway.

The reason I went with Skype is because I need the video conference call feature and screen sharing. I figured I could dump my Verizon phone line and cancel my Webex subscription and consolidate everything into one service to save money.

Skype offers unlimited calls to USA and Canada for $2.99 month that’s about 39 dollars a year. This would be enough for most people but I wanted a designated number which is 18 dollars a quarter or 39 dollars a year. Considering Webex is fifteen dollars month and Verizon is $77 I am coming out way ahead.

Skype is very versatile as well I use it to call landline phones from my laptop or phone when I have weak cell phone reception. I use it for multiuser conference calls and remote support using its screen sharing features.

Skype has recently added a Cortana Bot which can help with finding quick information like weather info and sports scores. The Skype Bot can also be used for reminders and messenger features.

Skype does SMS messaging to phones this is, unfortunately, a pay as you go feature at a few cents a text which sounds pricey but is very handy. I think that eventually, this will be a feature bundled in with Unlimited Calling down the road as Skype is undergoing some major changes.

The only drawback to Skype just like any other VoIP service is if you lose internet you lose your phone which is something that does not happen with Verizon as their phones are powered by their wires. For me, I am willing to accept that drawback for the cost savings. I think Skype is great service and I am happy to use it every day as I find it very reliable and flexible for my needs. If you are a tech geek or someone who is interested in seeking new tech hacks, then make sure you explore TechnoPhile’s Blog, a dedicated blog aimed at providing the best technology articles that will suit your interest.