MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) provides the ability to do Lite Touch Deployments of computers. MDT has enhanced task sequence steps over those that are included in SCCM by default.

Luckily you can integrate MDT with SCCM to get the best of both worlds (and achieve
Zero Touch Deployments!) . This guide runs through the steps required to upgrade your version of MDT to 2010 and maintain the SCCM integration…

This morning MDT 2010 RTM was released to the public (you can download it here).

To see a list of the changes and new features you can expect to find take a look here.

MDT 2008 integrated with SCCM task sequences
To play safe before upgrading MDT first remove the integration with SCCM:
• Run the “Configure ConfigMgr Integration” shortcut provided by MDT 2008 and select
“remove components”.
• Enter your SCCM site details and click Finish.
• After confirming the MDT options have disappeared from the SCCM task sequence
menus run the MDT 2010 setup Next perform the install of MDT
• Step through the wizard selecting the components you want and the install location
• The MDT setup will now take care of removing MDT 2008 and installing itself over the
top After the wizard completes you can then re-run the integration wizard to add the MDT hooks back into SCCM
• Enter your site details that you used in the first step
When the wizard completes the MDT options should now be back in under the task sequence options:

Note: If you had used MDT 2008 to provide unknown computer support to SCCM (if you can’t upgrade to R2 to get it natively) then you might want to consider not upgrading. MDT 2010 does not support the PXE filter driver but it does still allow you to remove it if you didn’t uninstall it before upgrading.