Being a kid has changed over the years, kids now a day are always connected to their parents, friends and the internet which are wonderful things at times. It’s wonderful for kids to have access to look up information at the touch of a button it’s wonderful for them getting accurate information on the spot. Being always connected can have a downside. Kids need parental control on their devices just like they need parental control at the dinner table.

Monitor your children can help protect against bullying, friends, criminals, fraud and other dangerous activities. One important thing to remember is you may trust your child and they may be very trustworthy monitoring them is for their safety and security. Most children that have nothing to hide will not care anyway. By tracking phone location, you can rest easy in the case of a car accident, fire or even just to make sure they are in school getting their education. I found it very handy when I had to locate a cell phone that I left behind somewhere saving me money buying a new expensive smartphone.

I found a great tool for monitoring is mSpy. mSpy allows you as a parent or guardian to monitor everything on your child’s phone

  • Text and Instant Messages
  • Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls
  • Emails and Contacts
  • Control Apps and Programs
  • Tracking Phone Location

mSpy is available as well for the computer and can offer Screenshots, key logging, and user activity. The software is available for anywhere between $29.99 dollars a month to $69.99 month depending on the what you need to monitor. The best thing to do is to find out what apps your children use and make the purchase based on that. Remember one thing the software market is always changing in popularity very quickly.

I think in the world of children and family always being connected to the internet we need to make sure devices (cell phone, computers, tablets) are monitored for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Your family is the most important thing in the world and their safety and security is the most important thing.