The technology industry has been growing at a very rapid pace. Now, we’ve got multitude of hi-tech gadgets that were only a stuff of fiction a decade ago. Apart from innovative smartphones and home gadgets, you must really consider wearable tech as one of the best inventions of the recent past. But don’t think that wearable technology is about just a single gadget, as there are tons of gadgets from different niche. If you haven’t ever used such gadget, this article is going to help you explore some of the best wearable appliances out there. Continue reading to find out more about it.

5 best wearable tech gadgets

If you want to wear something cool and technological device on your body, find out about the top 5 gadgets and choose the one you would want:

  • Samsung Gear 2: A smartwatch that has been evolved with multiple features that are both effective and efficient. The best part of this device is the Super Amoled display which is of 320×320 resolution. You can pair this with your Samsung smartphone and seamlessly use it. With 1GHz processor, it lets you answer calls, access email notifications, and many more.

samsung gear 2


Image Source: samsung

  • Google Glass: One of the most hyped wearable gadgets, Google Glass has a lot of features to offer. With this, you can easily access information through the smart glasses. You can also make calls, search for information, browse internet, and record what you’re seeing by voice commands. This device offers a LCD screen, where you see all the information just in front of your eyes.

google glass


Image Source: puzzlelondon

  • Lechal GPS Shoes: The GPS in your smartphone could be a great feature to have. But it can become ineffective if you’re trekking or jogging, since it’s difficult to look at your screen while walking on an uneven path. Here, you can take assistance of Lechal GPS Shoes. They come equipped with GPS technology, which tells you the direction you need to take. With mild vibration alert on your left or right shoe, it lets you know about the direction you’re supposed to take.

lechal gps shoes

Image Source: urbanwearables

  • Fin Ring: You must have heard about bands and watches, but Fin Ring takes it up to a whole new level with ring gadget. This device is a Bluetooth enabled one, which can be used through gesture controls. You can use this device and control any smartphone or device by simply moving your thumb over other fingers.

fin ring

Image Source: indiegogo

  • SpotNsave Wristband: Imagine that you’re in a danger and it’s quite difficult to reach out to your smartphone to send out a SOS alert, what would you do?! Well, in such situations, you can simply take the help of Spotnsave wristband. You can simply roll out an emergency alert to your closed ones. This device is connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

spotnsave wristband

Image Source: phonecruncher

Final Verdict

Wearable tech gadgets have arrived and taken over the market with their innovative and efficient features. If you haven’t used one, make sure that you consider getting one. The above-mentioned are some of the best out there, which is why we’ve listed them here.

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