As our lives get busier and our homes get smarter, our kitchens need to keep up with us!

Luckily, there are plenty of smart kitchen gadgets that can help you reduce waste and save time and effort. Others improve the quality of life in your kitchen.

To help you get started on your own smart kitchen, we have compiled a list of the top 8 smart kitchen gadgets:

1. Amazon Dash Wand

For those who want Alexa in their kitchen but don’t want to spend too much might consider the Amazon Dash Wand.

It comes with all the usual Alexa integration features, as well as a barcode scanner that will allow you to reorder products as you run out of them. Tools like measurement conversion and recipes are simple and voice controlled, and the Dash Wand is magnetic for easy storage on the refrigerator.

2. Simplehuman Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump

Hand sanitiser pumps are breeding grounds for bacteria. The Simplehuman Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump is entirely hands-free, using motion sensors to prevent bacteria traps.

This sleek soap dispenser dispenses foam by pre-mixing air and soap. The nozzle is mess free thanks to a snapping silicon valve.

The cartridges are easily replaced and a variety of brands of soap are available.

3. Simplehuman Sensor Can with Voice Control

The Simplehuman Sensor Can is a hands-and-feet-free kitchen bin, replacing the pedal or button with both voice control and motion sensors.

A great feature is the variable range sensor. While the bin is closed, it only detects slightly above the lid. While open, it uses those sensors to check if you have left the room and, if you have, the bin closes for you!

Available as a single refuse can or a dual recycling and refuse set up. Powered by mains or AA batteries. Simplehuman gadgets can become part of integrated bespoke kitchens as you can order custom cabinets that will house the cans. It’s more difficult if you buy flat-pack kitchens as you may end up cluttering your space with gadgets.

4. I-Kettle 2.0

The smartphone-controlled I-Kettle 2.0 offers four temperature controls which it is able to hold for up to 30 minutes at a time.

This one is great for new parents as it offers a purifying mode which, along with the temperature controls, makes preparing baby formula very easy.

With the app controls it can also detect when you arrive home and be ready for a cup of tea exactly when you are.

5. Breville Smart Oven

This countertop toaster oven uses smart elements to provide 9 in-built functions including toast, roast, bake and reheat.

Not only that, but it remembers your personal settings and cooks your food exactly the way you like it.

With a modern design, LED backlighting tied to function and a rounded back to accommodate pizza, this is a great addition to a modern smart kitchen.

6. Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge Freezer

The most important appliance in most kitchens is going to be the fridge-freezer, and Samsung’s smart offering has all the features you will want.

Complete with internal cameras, stock logging and expiry date reminders, you get all the functionality you could want from a smart fridge.

Add to that the recipe app which generates recipes from the food inside the fridge-freezer, a simple note app and a screen capable of streaming music and television, and the Samsung Family Hub Fridge-Freezer forms the centre of your smart kitchen.

7. Innovia Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser

Available in four colours including stainless steel, this paper towel dispenser is great for kitchens of any design.

It prevents cross contamination by removing the need to press a button or unravel a roll. All you have to do is wave your hand in front of it and it dispenses the paper towel for you.

It’s also portable, meaning that you could keep it in the kitchen until meal time when it can be placed on the dining table for messy fingers and spills.

8. Anova Sous-Vide Precision Cooker

Most smart sous-vide solutions involve a whole unity, but Anova’s offering is far more flexible.

It attaches to any pot and getting it working is as simple as filling the pot with water, placing food to be cooked in to a food bag or glass jar, and controlling the cooking from the app on your smartphone.

Bluetooth connectivity extends up to 30 feet, allowing you to get out of the kitchen.

The smart kitchen marketplace is quite new and it’s still at a stage where manufacturers and startups are experimenting. Experts predict that the market will explode by 2020 which is quite exciting as it means more and better gadgets for our kitchens.

You can also place Aicool Smart Trash Can in the kitchen to improve the quality of your life.