Blogging is an exciting way to promote content especially because you don’t have to worry about using up too much space. Moreover, blogging has been found to be one of the best ways to connect with your audience in a very fun-loving, friendly colloquial tone. Blogging allows your audience to share their experience and their side of the story with you and the wider community. They can ask you questions, leave comments, or simply just rate your product.

If you manage to promote your blog adequately and properly especially through social media channels, your product will be a hit in no time! But what makes your blog stand apart from countless others like it online?

Well, that’s exactly where your expertise will come in. With our guide, you will be able to develop attractive and catchy content that will become the talk of the town! Here are some great tools to help promote the content on your blog!

The best blogging tools for promoting content

  1. Taboola

Taboola happens to be one of the most effective content promotion tools in today’s era. With its sophisticated design and highly vast audience base, this tool happens to be a great discovery platform. Taboola helps promote your content by publishing it on various websites and social media channels. As a plus point, other websites using this platform include the Weather Chanel and NBC, which means you get to tap into a wider audience.

  1. Pablo by Buffer

Imagine this: when you open your Facebook page, do you go through every status or shared link? No. That’s because as humans we are automatically wired to go through the one content that is visually appealing to us. Pablo by the buffer is a great tool for creating some great visually stimulating material out of your content so that it not only reaches a larger audience but is also further shared. But at the same time, you don’t have to worry about getting pre-chosen content because this tool allows you to hand pick several features you would like to be added to your graphical illustrations.

  1. Meme generator

We have yet to come across a single person that does not like memes. These cute short clips are a great and catchy way to promote anything so why not use them to your advantage to help promote the content on your blog? All you need to do is add your text to the latest meme templates and let Meme Generator do the rest. By using this tool, your audience will not have to put in extra effort to understand the message that you are trying to get across.

  1. Guru Promote

Whoever said promotion is cheap needs to rethink his/her words because marketing tools like these are highly recommended but most of the time come with a fee. Although the fee is minimal it helps differentiate between the actually serious marketers from the random ones. Guru Promote allows for automatic sharing of your content on websites and social media pages which are in line with what you are seeking to promote. This means your content will be received by the right people and won’t go unnoticed in the wrong circles.

  1. My likes

My likes use social media when it comes to sharing your content and highlighting it worldwide. The company is best known for sharing effective marketing strategies to get your content noticed by a large audience. These strategies are specifically made by different experts in the field that have firsthand experience in content promotion.

  1. Gravatar

Let your existence mean something. As the sole author of your blog, you have an image to uphold especially when interacting with your audience via comments. Gravatar allows you to handpick a personal avatar that follows you whenever and wherever you post.

  1. ElegantThemes

Majority bloggers tend to use WordPress as their sole platform for blogging. If you are one of those bloggers as well, we recommend using ElegantThemes, because it is a great tool for making your blog seem more professional and authentic to the audience at large.

  1. Social Warfare

What better way to promote your blog than by customizing its appearance for every website individually? And that is exactly what Social Warfare allows you to do. This crafty tool is a great way to add text and graphics to the blog posts that will be shared on social media. By enhancing your appearance to suit every website individually you will be making sure your blog post gets majority views.

  1. Audience

With “Smart social intelligence” as their motto, there is very less that can go wrong when using this tool to promote your blog posts. The audience is known as one of the best complete tools for people who are just starting to get into the online world of promotion. Complete with features like audience management, campaign flows and much more, this tool has to offer its users an exclusive experience in the promotion.

  1. Canvas Infographic Maker

Visually stimulating content allows gets the most hits. And when it comes to Infographics, content not only becomes easier to understand but also easier to market. This tool helps develop graphical representations out of the content of your blog and help market it to the wider audience. Moreover, you have the option of developing customized infographics as well and don’t have to depend on the factory set ones.

  1. Buffer

Spamming your blog all over social media will not exactly reap the benefits you have in mind. In fact, it might just backfire because nobody likes to go through spammed material. However, with Buffer, you will be able to promote your content in a meaningful manner by allowing your content to appear on social media pages in a timely manner.

  1. HootSuite

HootSuite is a portal into many social media websites. So basically this tool helps you promote your blog from one place alone. You will have complete control over what you post and when you post. Moreover, you will have access to online marketing tools and tips to help you understand how and when to post according to different audiences.

  1. Click to Tweet

Tweeting is perhaps the most used method for short, clipped, to the point promotion. Nobody has time to go through over long messages but reading a short meaningful one lined tweet can get a person hooked. This tool does exactly that. It basically generates messages and one click links that users can use to advertise a blog on their twitter account.

  1. MailChimp

Emails are still a great way to promote content. You may have come across some great email marketing campaigns that help promote a variety of content. With MailChimp, you can invite people to come look at some new material that got published on your blog. Similarly, you have the option of creating some meaningful and personalized mails that help reach a wider audience. After all, blogging is all about connecting with the audience at a personal level.

  1. Narrow

This tool is best known for promoting the content of your blog on social media sites which are engaged in discussions on the same topic. So basically, your blog gets highlighted in circles where it will be appreciated and valued. Consequently, it will help increase viewership to your blog.

  1. Disqus

Disqus is a free promotion platform that directs bloggers and journalists towards engaging comments sections relevant to their blog’s content. This way you can engage in an industry leading conversation and help enhance your blog’s popularity.

  1. ContentClick

If you are looking to advertise your blog’s content, then this is a definitely go to platform. It has the capacity to publish your content over thousands of websites in a go hence generating viewership.

  1. Potent’s content idea generator

Every writer has once in their life experienced a serious case of writer’s block. And if you ever get stuck in this vicious cycle, we recommend using Potent’s content idea generator which helps develop catchy headlines for you based on the keywords you feed it.

  1. PR newswire

One of the best ways to promote your content is getting connected to thousands of fellow journalists and loggers that will help acknowledge your blog and hence automatically increase its viewership. Moreover, it also gives you a chance to interact with some of the best intellectuals of the industry.

  1. PubExchange

By building bridges through effective partnerships you will help increase your blog’s viewership. PubExchange helps establish relationships between bloggers which leads to increased traffic based on mutual benefit.

Blogging is a great way to promote your content. If your content is worth it then it ought to be read by millions of people online. Do justice to your blog and use one of these great tools to help you promote your content.

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