Time Warner Cable announced it will automatically credit New York City customers affected by hurricane Sandy.  Time Warner Cable will credit both local residential and commercial customers whose services were interrupted by the storm.

As service is restored, Time Warner Cable will automatically apply credits for customers’ TV, Internet and phone services and for Business Class services in areas where the vast majority of customers experienced an extended outage.  For those customers who still do not have power, TWC will continue to issue additional credits every 3 days until their outages are over.

This credit will automatically appear on customers’ statements, labeled “Hurricane Sandy Credit.”  The credit will start appearing on the 11/8 billing cycle.

Time Warner Cable is also waiving any fees or penalties for equipment, such as set-top boxes and cable modems, which is lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of the storm. Customers should exchange their damaged equipment at one of our retail locations or give it to a Time Warner Cable service technician during a service call.

For addition information residential customers can call (212) 358-0900 or (718) 358-0900, and Business Class customers can call 1-877-227-8711.