The Bourne Legacy published in 2004 is a spy fiction thriller written by Eric Van Lustbader. It is the fourth novel in the Jason Bourne series created by Robert Ludlum and the first to be written by Lustbader.  There was a movie released in August of 2012 that is nothing even remotely like this great novel.

The movie focuses on film stars Jeremy Renner who plays Aaron Cross.  A member of a black ops program whose agents are physically and cognitively enhanced, goes on the run once Bourne’s actions lead to the public exposure of Operations Treadstone and Blackbriar.  None of this has ever been mentioned in the book.

The novel focuses on Jason Bourne now a professor at college.  He is settled down with his wife Marie and two children under his real name David Web.  A threat is made against his live and now the Jason Bourne persona must come back and protect his life, family and friends.  Bourne is much older in this book and focus more on his thoughts from vietnam and his struggles to reclaim is fragmented thoughts.  Which come back to haunt, help and move him into the right direction just like the previous three books.

Over the course of the book we learn a great deal more about Bournes past as he uncovers an elaborate plot to try and kill some very important public figures.  While fighting of a ruthless assassin who is a very important persons from his past.

This book is another GREAT novel with this great captivating character.  I think this book focuses more on Bourne’s personal past and current situation then it does his time as an operative.  Even though there are parts of it mentioned in the book it’s not the main focus.

Overall this was a great book that I would give 5 stars one of the best spy action novels I have ever read.  I would recommend to anyone for a great fiction read.