Over the past two weeks, three major developments have made it to the global news – the US elections, demonetisation in India and the slimming down of Toblerone chocolate bars! There are experts on every street corner talking about Donald Trump’s antics, the impact of currency notes ban and chocolate shrinkflation.

We live in a digital age where every news related to global economy, politics, human rights and entertainment is hashtagged within seconds of it breaking out. This proves how technology-driven media has become an irreplaceable part of the human society.

Digital Marketing 101

In the business world, technology is gradually changing the face of marketing too, one digital step at a time. While traditional marketing techniques continue to exist, the evolution and  growth of digital marketing is hard to ignore.

Advertising and marketing a product or service using print, broadcast, direct letters and telephone as a medium is categorized as traditional marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing incorporates the best of the Internet and technology to come up with creative advertising and marketing strategies for brands.

Digital marketing services broadly include, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Influencer marketing, Web and Mobile Development, Social Media Marketing and Optimization, E-Mail Direct Marketing and many other tools.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

As opposed to traditional marketing, digital and online marketing is less aggressive, more personal and far more effective. In the age of smartphones, virtual assistants and web series, a digital marketing agency knows how to grab a potential customer’s attention; which, currently, has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. It reaches out to a huge chunk of consumers who don’t read newspapers, listen to the radio or watch television in the traditional format.

The modern marketing strategies such as SEO, online advertising, and content marketing are backed with thorough research, deep understanding of consumer behaviour, relevant statistics and analytics and rich content. Digital marketing also has an upper-hand when it comes to keeping track of revenue, calculating return-on-investment and measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

A company that wants to stay relevant and survive in this intensely competitive world must enter the digital marketing game. It has not only created a level-playing field for all organisations (big brands or young start-ups) with real-time results, but it is also a financially viable marketing and advertising tool that helps to build a sustainable brand.