As per a recent report from Career Builder, 78% of full-time workers are either hunting for a new job or they’re open to some kind of drastic change this year. Candidates who haven’t applied in few years now will soon get to know that the rules are different now. If you’re still carrying the notion that dropping a resume in the front desk of a company is enough, you’re grossly mistaken. There is a bug change brought about the advancements in technology, so much so that recruitment has become entirely automated now. Do you wish to know how technology has impacted the hiring industry and has brought about a change? Here are few things that you should know about the present way of hiring talented people.

  • Transparency becomes very important

When you’re a candidate who is hunting for the right place to find out a job, you can easily visit various websites like Glassdoor to know the pay package of the company and how much satisfied the employees are. This kind of ability to check out whether or not a company is good according to what you want is sheer transparency and this is only possible due to the advancements in the field of recruiting technology. In a similar way, recruiters even have enhanced visibility regarding candidates and they now know how they work and what exactly they’re interested in.

  • Technology offers us a human look

The tech platforms which we use these days have changed the entire way in which we communicate on the normal human level. Previously, hunting for jobs meant too much of analog networking from recruiters. But now that technology has taken over, it feels more human when two people converse with one another. When the recruiter sends you an email or a message, you will find a tiny picture attached to his name and this gives him a perfect identity. This way you can feel that you’re talking to a real person and not some robotic HR department.

  • The resume is not eliminated, it is just driven by data

Nothing can be more irritating than making a resume and uploading it to the site of a company only to be requested later to cut and paste the content into pages of web forms. The forms really matter and they’re the actual tools for letting recruiters to navigate through huge amounts of data within few seconds. The company pairs the right candidate as per the right job posting. Google has always been playing a vital role in using data to surface the ideal candidates, yet would take a total department to scale a pool of applicants.

Hence, as we see that there are more and more recruiters who shift towards a data-driven model, the entire process of recruitment is gradually becoming more transparent, human and authentic. Recruitment data is growing year after year but the tech companies are leveraging data, focusing it to help the ever-growing network of real-life relationships.

About author:

The article has been written by Sam who has immense knowledge on the recent tech advancements of the recruitment industry. The new applicant tracking software that are hitting the market and helping companies hire the best talent is all at his fingertips. Apart from being a techie, he is also a gadget-freak who loves to collect the latest gadgets.