Mac Security

  • February 9, 2019

    5 Steps to Increase Your Mac’s Security

    Apple MacOS has always been a very secure operating system at least when compared to its biggest competitor Windows. However times are changing and with the Mac now controlling about 10% of market share, the Mac OS has been getting a lot of attention from cyber crooks in recent years. Moreover, crooks are designing more sophisticated phishing scams and platform agnostic threats. As such, Mac users have never been at greater risk when taking their devices into the internet. Data can be lost in a variety of ways which makes the need to enhance your Mac’s security as important as ever. There is not only the risk of losing files when your computer crashes but there is the risk that you can get all kinds of viruses and malware when exchanging files with others or downloading from the Internet. The following are the five most important steps to take to increase your Mac’s security. Enable your Mac’s Security Features The Mac has some of the best security features any computer user could ever wish for. The only problem is that when you buy your machine, these features are usually not enabled by default. Enable the following features to harden your OS’s security: – Set up a System Password and Disable Automatic Login There’s nothing more annoying than having to enter your password every time you turn on the computer, but not having a password is like leaving your front door wide open. Thankfully you can enable system password and disable automatic login with one click of a password, which will make it harder for the hacker to get your data in case your Mac gets into the wrong hands. – Enable FileVault Encryption The hard drive on a Mac can be easily plugged into another computer using a SATA/IDE to...