• September 14, 2018

    Apple News Here There And Everywhere

    Today we talk about the Apple event and the new iPhone and iWatch release. The entire event was leaked in advance but it does not matter to Apple. On the week of an Apple, the event the tech news is always slow. We compare fitness trackers. We talk about buying tech on a budget and much more….. Today we talk about… New iPhone And iWatch Grammarly Coming To Google Docs Google Drops Inbox For Gmail App YouTube Testing Vertical Ads Microsoft Announces New Headquarters in Canada Microsoft will prompt users to try Edge before installing Chrome or Firefox on Windows Audible is giving members two free original audiobooks each month Questions I answer….. Does mesh networking work ok? What is a good cheap affordable smartphone? What is a good cheap affordable fit band? Why use Leanpub for the book? To Support Todays Show Visit Tech Geek Deals for the best deals on tech every sale helps support the work we do on The Technology Geek.
  • An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away There seems to be a new collaboration in town. Apple and Google and…healthcare? Recently, Google has announced its smart contact lens project, which could have a profound impact on the monitoring of glucose levels for diabetes patients. But Google isn’t alone in its dreams to venture into healthcare. Apple too, has announced plans to introduce an iWatch that will also monitor health concerns. Image Source:   That’s right: Apple has plans to expand its arsenal of products to wearable computers and medical sensor devices. Fans of Apple have been looking forward to this kind of wearable tech for awhile now, but this time, the company plans to increase its focus and resources on the project. And it was just recently that Apple had the chance to collaborate with engineers, scientists, and managers skill in biomedical technologies, fitness, and glucose sensors.   In addition to hiring a new time of specialists, Apple has also met with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials. This development, coupled with the rumors of the new technology, could indicate the direction in which Apple is heading.   While it’s still in the developmental stages, designers of the iWatch are aiming for a 1.5-inch display with “full” iOS, biometrics and other sensors, and a 4-5 day battery life. If all goes according to plan, we might be hearing about a release date for late 2014.   And what’s a device without an app? Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations at Apple, and the Vice President of Software Technologies, Bud Tribble, met with FDA officials late last year to talk about developing mobile medical applications.   Apple is also said to be working on a product labeled “Healthbook,” which will be designed specifically for tracking health metrics. Supposedly,...