• September 20, 2016

    Sketchup Review

  • August 27, 2016

    New Studio

    New Studio Today on the show we talk about the new studio and things going on in the news. Brandon talks about his vacation and his new exercise routine. We talk about bash on windows and powershell being open source. We talk about autocad and sketch it software. We talk about votech and much more… Join me today as we discuss… Spotify Is Burying Tracks From Musicians Who Give Exclusives To Apple and Tidal Hillary Clinton Used BleachBit To Wipe Emails Sprint Charging ‘Unlimited’ Users $20 More for Unthrottled Video Amazon Is Testing a 30-Hour, 75% Salary Workweek Dropbox Is Urging Users To Reset Their Passwords Linus on Linux’s 25th Birthday PSA: PlayStation Network Gets Two-Step Verification Google Fiber To Cut Staff In Half After User Totals Disappoint indows 10 Computers Crash When Amazon Kindles Are Plugged In Uber Loses At Least $1.2 Billion In First Half of 2016 WhatsApp To Share Some Data With Facebook YouTube Plans To Bring Photos, Polls, and Text To Its Video Service Latest Windows 10 Update Breaks PowerShell
  • July 26, 2012

    Mac Apps That Need Retina Support

    I was listening to This Week In Tech – and one of the issues they spoke about was the Mac Retina display and how people have issues with the display and app support.  So I decided to do some research. Every one who purchased the Next Generation Mac Book Pro have had apps that don’t use Apple’s system fonts or haven’t had their graphical assets super-sized look terrible.  The Retina Pro’s issues are with up scaling graphics across a compact 15-inch display area that’s harboring well over five million pixels. Words jumbled into Images Still Frames on Websites from bad Slash Animations Applications and Web Pages are fuzzy The issue is Apple has a great product so far ahead of its time that there is no design support for it yet.  Applications are suffering from this as well just to name the few I found from my research Microsoft Office 2011 (This is the product I have heard most of the complaints about) Spotify Winamp Adobe Products AutoCad Products Skype Dropbox AntiVirus Programs Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome