Anonymous has leaked a copy of the Symantec‘s Norton Utilities 2006 source code on to peer-to-peer site The Pirate Bay.  If you remember around March of this year Symantec Norton Antivirus 2006 souce code was released onto The Pirate Bay.

The Anonymous Twitter handle @AnonymouStun stated the following

“As you all see its fully 7z packed content, whats in it!? The loosely Source Code of Norton Utilities 2006 made by one of the worse security vendors on planet earth, Symantec! Also as many of you know this was planned back before Sabu was arrested. Yeah McAfee you suck too!”

The security vendor has admitted its servers had been compromised, but said was unlikely its customers were affected by the leak.  Which since both leaks were for 2006 software I would think most customers have upgraded.

Symantec has said they are investigating the situation and I am sure will release information when it is available. Symantec does have Security Consulting Services which I am sure is looking into the situation.  It has been known for years that Symantec is one of the most visible targets in the world for cyber-attacks considering they are one of the largest security product vendors in the world.