Danny Dover is a passionate SEO consultant and influential writer. During his tenure at (as Lead SEO), he did SEO consulting for many of the world’s most popular websites including Facebook, Microsoft, and Comcast.

Finally the SEO book I have been looking for and hoping for has come out. The way it’s written, the notes on the side explaining subjects more, the highlights in the book exactly where I would highlight are perfect. I am impressed with the content, it was a fresh perspective on search engine optimization and it offered some really practical, useful advice that virtually anyone who understand the basics of SEO would be able to implement.

It’s a book that says exactly what it means he tells you secrets, Danny Dover opens your mind and doors to SEO. Danny Dover writes about SEO Resources gives you all the info you need; he even goes into attending an SEO Conference.

The book is a very comprehensive guide to SEO. Whether you’re new to the industry or experienced but want to get better, this book has something for you. I give this book 5 stars it’s the best SEO book I have read.