With the electronics document industry gaining more popularity every day and less paper print being distributed the internet has become the platform for finding businesses for the services you need and desire.  Unlike Google Adwords and Facebook ads Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cost you nothing but your time.  SEO gives you an advantage because your information only shows up when people are looking for a topic related to your business or service.  There are more people not asking for your business url and just saying I will “Google It”.  This is where SEO comes into play and how certain techniques can influence the search engine to make sure you are “On Top Of Google Search” meaning the first page of a search.

More now than ever businesses are getting web sites designed and getting SEO companies to audit the sites and make them search engine friendly Singapore SEO consulting firms.  The problem with SEO is there is much involved and much that gets overlooked in the audit process.  There are many little secrets and tactics that can make a huge difference that many businesses and website owners can do independently on their own at no cost.

Google search algorithm is very involved Larry Page’s thesaurus he wrote for Stanford can be found at this link http://ilpubs.stanford.edu:8090/361/1/1998-8.pdf it’s quite in dept and very few SEO people have ever read this document or know it exists.  By using a few of Google’s basic tools they offer you can influence your search results and help you move right up the search engine rankings.

The first important tool is Google Analytics sign up for an account and install the code on every page of your site or use the site tools to add the Analytics code.  This information is SO important for more reasons then I can list.  Analytics itself holds a great deal of search engine weight and it has been proven that sites with a Google Analytics account rank higher than others.  Site page analytics and link popularity has a very large influencer in Google’s page ranking system.

The next tool I would definitely sign up for and add to any web site that wants good SEO results is Google Webmaster Tools.  This tool is very important for a number of reasons with this tool you can view how Google Search views your page for searching.  This tool by itself is important but there is a feature in Google Analytics that allows you to link the two account together which I would recommend doing right away.  This allows you to use Google Webmaster tools as not only a way to view search but allows you to influence the Analytics data by checking page indexing, site mapping and backlinking formation.  This makes these two tools your biggest allies in the effort to improve your page ranking.

One of the biggest parts of SEO that is overlooked is backlinking.  Most of us have heard of the phrase “Link Weight” this references the backlinking technique.  A site with a lot of inbound links indicates to Google Search that a site is popular there for link popularity is playing a role in your page ranking.  Backlinking is more than just making links.  One top level backlink from a highly ranked page like YouTube or Facebook holds more link weight then a bunch of spam links from a free wordpress website.

Since we are speaking about wordpress this is another piece of SEO that gets missed regularly blogging.  I always read help your page rank by starting a blog.  The blog only helps your site if it’s installed under a subdirectory of your root domain.  For example www.yoursite.com/blog There are a few huge reasons for this search engines get influiced by content but a search engine is not smart enough to know that yoursite.wordpress.com is the same owner as www.yoursite.com.  The point of the blog in a subdirectory is to gain text rich word content, page indexing and backlinks for your domain.  By using the subdirectory of your domain you get all this important SEO influence to your domain not a free blogging platform’s domain.

One thing to always remember when dealing with SEO is design sites for people not for search engines.  The general rule is if people can’t find the information neither can search engine crawlers.  Try to avoid Javascript or Java programming language it blocks the meta crawlers. Java is generally slow and Google does factor in site performance into their ranking system.  Flash is another problem don’t embed your text inside of flash code the meta crawlers will have a hard time reading the information and may miss content.  The best sites are HyperText Markup Language (HTML) they are text based so they are very easy and fast for search engine crawlers to read and your pagerank will not suffer because of performance issues.

As the internet continues to grow and change the need for better page ranking and search engine friendly pages continues to rise.  The search engine algorithms are always changing so you need the most search engine friendly page.