Toshiba Satellite A135 have noisily added power on passwords after BIOS updates and just by random.  So I decided to find a fix and document it for everyone.

1. connect JOPEN1 (U) with JOPEN1 (T).

2. JOPEN1 there are two lines not connected to each other.

3. Two of these lines resemble the letter T and U positions overlap each other above T U.

4. Because the distance is too close and so small, it could not rely on a pair of tweezers or a pin. Finally I decided to use a small minus screwdriver.

5. I connect the two pins is (T and U) for about 45 seconds.

6. Then I put right again and turn on the laptop again.

7. Finally we can breathe with relief because the BIOS display appears immediately without question a password again.