Everyone knows that data is priceless, but there are accidents. Of course, in addition, to keep good backup habits, it is also very important to have a practical and effective data recovery tool. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be saved in computers, notebooks, and hard drives. It can also recovery data from USB, SD cards, digital devices, and other storage devices. I rely on this tool to rescue USBs several times. At present, the data is restored to the two major systems of Windows and Mac on the market, take a look at the charm of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard!

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Download and Install

Go to the official EaseUS site to download the free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

data recovery

After downloading is an installation file, before installation, please make sure not to install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software to the missing disk. It is mainly to avoid the data covered.

There is an English installation interface. After the installation is completed, the software’s operating interface is also available in English.


The next step is to change the installation directory, menu shortcuts, are based on the default value, it is recommended to use the default value and press [Next] to complete the installation of the following screen, click on [Install] to start.

data recovery wizard

After the completion of installation, you can start use the program.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free version, so there are some restrictions, the free version can only restore 500MB of data.

data recovery scan

In fact, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free version can also use the way to share the community to increase the amount of data saved, at most can be 2GB.

Quick and easy recovery of lost files

Although EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free has the limitation of restoring capacity, it does not limit the type and number of recovery files. If you want to restore the movie and photos, you may soon run out of free capacity. In fact, the data is priceless. It is acceptable to upgrade the Professional Edition so that you have a set of tool that can save your data in case you need it. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is simple and easy to operate. The following figure is a quick teaching process on the official website.


After entering the main picture, the interface is easy to see the scan button immediately. The PC can be scanned to pick out the deleted data. The time of scanning will vary according to the number and capacity of the computer.

The scanning modes include quick and deep scan. The quick scan find for deleted file files, while the deep scanning can find files that have been formatted, inaccessible or lost. A quick scan is performed during the scan, followed by a deep scan. As shown in the following figure, the deep scan takes some time. If you have already found the file you want to recover, you can click the pause button .If you know the type of file you want to save, you can reduce the search time.

data recovery

In general, the most common condition is to delete files by mistake like deleted photos. In case we accidentally delete files, the recycle bin can still help us to save it. However, if you press “Shift+Del” or delete recycle bin, the data cannot be recovered. In fact, the deletion of files by the Windows system is not really deleted, but the connection between the file and the storage device is interrupted. In other words, it does not mean that there is no storage device. Normally, the movement of the magnetic disc is written in the blank space first, and it will not be rewritten to the location of the file that has just been deleted, so as long as the file has not been written, it will come back.

For example, I deleted the drw_feww.exe installation file that I downloaded and then deleted it in the recycle bin. Then use the recovery software scan, and really find the drw_feww.exe file just deleted in the “$Rwcycle.Bin” in the quickscan mode.

After checking and pressing the location selection to be saved after recovery.

The recovery completed window will remind you where the file is saved. The free version will remind you of the capacity to recover. It feels good to purchase the professional version to upgrade to unlimited capacity, otherwise, you can also use sharing to increase 1.5G recovery capacity.

recovery complete

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard not only detects the local hard disk device, but also inserts the USB device.

Formatting and partition recovery

The hard disk of the computer is formatted inadvertently. Even the partition of the hard disk is deleted. Can the data be saved back? In fact, if the partition or formatting is not written to the hard disk, the data is still on the original storage device, in other words, the connection is interrupted, in other words,the data can be saved. Therefore, the in-depth scanning of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard plays this role, helping you to recover the disconnected connections on the storage device one by one.

After formatting, as long as it does not write data, to save the data is not difficult, once the data is written, it is impossible to find lost data.  If any data is lost, do not write anything. This is the most basic requirement!

Another option for data recovery for Windows and Mac is iboysoft. While they make full hard drive recovery software there Deleted Photo Recovery is great.

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