Here is the time to finally decide. What should you opt to buy, a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. Understanding the system of both by differentiating it with some facts is an easier way to decide than just blindly following rumors and propaganda. So here we give a definite overview on how these two new consoles stand up next to each other.

In the first glance, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 have a lot of common features. As both of them have a 500GB hard drive. Both have an AMD Eight-core processor.  Both have the capacity to play Blu-rays or DVDs , both have Eight GB of RAM, but the PS4’s RAM has a different and more powerful variety that gives it better graphics than Xbox One.

All the gaming consoles are similar but not created equal. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 look a lot similar but also have some key differences that give them peculiar characteristics.

Controllers and their efficiency

The Xbox One’s controllers are amazing to hold, and the triggers are too cool. They definitely make a big difference. But at the same time, Sony’s built-in captivating touchpad, and PlayStation Vita as a PS4 controller, is also not very easy to beat.

The debate related to the better quality and performance of the Xbox One controller versus the PS4 controller is the one that can’t be won easily as, mostly gamers’ already have their own locked in choices and preferences which are hard to change.

Sony is still stuck with the typical dual analog sticks, but at least has given a central divot recess for easy gripping.

Microsoft also slightly modified its controller for Xbox One. It’s 40 design innovations and is quite subtle, having the tweaked D-Pad towards the bottom-left side of the game pad.

Variety in Games

Both the consoles, frankly lack in giving a variety of the exclusive games, for example, Xbox One’s exclusives did not include games like Metal Gear Solid V or The Phantom Pain, etc. which was quite frustrating for the gamers.

In PS 4 as well, most of the exclusive games were available as a downloadable content—nevertheless, exciting anyway. Games like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 were the big wins for the console, although they only arrived a little before the Xbox One. Xbox one had a pretty cool variety with new Halo, Killer Instinct, Ryse: Son of Rome and a new Forza. But these games failed to attract the attention of the viewers in general. So Sony probably won this category with their PS4.

Appearance and outlook

The body or structure of an Xbox One and PS4 is completely different. An Xbox One is quite larger and required more space in a living room whereas ,a PS4 is slimmer and sleeker and is less likely to demand more space your under your TV. Both keep the severe, black an

Graphics quality

The biggest difference between the two is the graphics hardware. Both consoles are using graphics processors incorporated into the AMD accelerated processing unit ,the PlayStation 4 though, has more of them that means that it should have more computational power to render complex graphics or scenes. If utilized properly by developers, the extra power can lead to better quality in graphics where a lot of objects are visible on the screen at the same time.

These comparisons generally conclude the Xbox One as a weaker console. However, the gamers are of the view that this comparison is actually “meaningless” as both have a distinct set of clients which are invariably hard to convince in terms of their likes and dislikes.