I’m not a President Obama supporter he has openly admitted that he is very upset about gas prices being UP going into an election year.  He has done a good job of trying to answer the question with out saying he can do nothing as seen in the video below.

Some of President Obama ideas about clean energy and energy efficiency are good and I do agree with them but again this gas price situation is not helping our economy rebound President Obama admits that in both of these videos.  Some of his good energy ideas are

  1. Doubling the fuel efficiency standards on cars
  2. Building more energy efficient homes with better insulation and windows
  3. Moving homes and companies over to clean energy Wind, Solar, etc

Gas closed at $101.22 a barrel today on stock market.  So
shouldn’t gas be down around $3.00 a gallon where it was a few months
ago especially if America is more energy efficient then ever.  Since our oil imports are below 50% and dropping then why do the prices continue to surge.  Since America uses more fuel efficient vehicles and we have taken 12 billion barrels of oil offline and we have increased production then why do the gas prices continue to surge gas goes up a nickel or dime and then comes down a few cents.  We as Americans are being gouged and nothing is being done to help us.

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