• December 17, 2012

    Anonymous Targets Westboro Baptist Church

    Anonymous targeted the Westboro Baptist Church after members announce plans to picket Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman killed 20 school children and six adults on Friday, Dec. 14.  The church group planned on picketing the school area and the funerals of the fallen people. The tweet stating “Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.” In response, Anonymous took matters into their own hands releasing personal contact information of members of the Westboro Baptist Church, including the home address, email address and phone number of numerous church members. Anonymous is also promoting a petition at asking the Obama administration to legally recognize the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group.  It should be noted that The Southern Poverty Law Center already recognizes Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group. Promoting the petition, Anonymous ‏@YourAnonNews sent the following tweet Saturday night: “If the #US govt were to officially recognize the #WBC as a hate group, maybe they would finally lose their tax exempt status.” The Westboro Baptist Church is an anti-gay Christian fundamentalist church notorious for its “God Hates Fags” signs and the picketing of soldiers’ funerals.  The Westboro Baptist Church has been banned from picketing at several places, though a Supreme Court ruled that the group is allowed to picket funerals. Despite the ruling, several communities and states have passed the laws that require picketers to remain a certain distance away from the funeral. This is one hack I don’t think Anonymous is going to get much guff over as they have made many people happy by standing up to this group.
  • December 17, 2012

    Street Lights Are Recording Conversations

    $3000 Street lights that are recording our conversations taking pictures and sending messages.  This is another example of big brother watching your every movement.  The inventor has contracts with the department of home land security and other government organizations. There is also news that the government is set to expand the nationwide installation of surveillance bugs on buses that record conversations serves as a reminder that similar systems are also being readied for street lights, along with a host of other devices. The reports Government officials installing audio surveillance systems on public buses  plans to implement the technology are under way in cities from San Francisco to Hartford, Conn., and Eugene, Ore., to Columbus, Ohio. The video below in an official news report on the technology and how it works.
  • December 13, 2012

    Encrypt Browser Traffic

    We hear about the hackers who steal people’s sensitive information and often even their identities. So some of us decide to take action and employ some software to encrypt all inbound and outbound traffic from our computers. Nowadays there are several encryption programs that can provide a layer of security to the internet traffic of the user. Many people are not convinced or do not know about their necessity and their value. Business like banks and online retailer’s make internet transactions safe by implementing an encryption/decryption stage between the program one uses to access the internet and the server it connects to on backend. Let’s SSL and TLS in more detail. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the time tested security protocol for encrypting information that is sent across the internet.  SSL has been replaced by the new but similar TLS (Transport Layer Security) and it is often used everywhere on the web for email, messaging, faxes, and file transmission.  Typically data is encrypted using 1024-bit and 2048-bit RSA.  In other words, it helps keep people from eavesdropping in on what you’re transmitting between your computer and the destination server. If you want an extra layer of security you need to encrypt you browser traffic and use a non-Operating System integrated browser like Firefox or Chrome. Encrypt Firefox traffic For this you will need an addon Visit the add-on’s website Click the big blue button that says Encrypt the web Install https everywhere. Restart Firefox Firefox Tools > Add-ons Click the Extensions tab of the Add-ons window Then HTTPS-Everywhere Click the Options button  Click Allow to give it permission. Enable All Encrypt Chrome traffic Same process is going to apply to Chrome and the addon is found at the same site Your going to want encrypt you chrome Sync as well Go to...
  • December 12, 2012

    FreeBSD Project Donations Down By 50%

    The FreeBSD project has sought $500,000 in donations by year end to allow it to continue to offer to fund, manage projects and sponsor FreeBSD events, developer summits and provide travel grants to FreeBSD developers. But with the end of this year fast approaching, it has raised just over $280,000, far short of its target. As most people know Apple is BSD under the hood using Darwin as the core of Apple OS X.  Apple borrows FreeBSD’s virtual file system, network stack, and components of its userspace.  Much of FreeBSD now also forms the basis of Apple OS X and OS X Server.  Apple, the first major computer company to make Open Source development a key part of its software strategy and continues to use and release significant quantities of open source software. I do think that BSD is struggling with funding cause of Linux popularity boom over last few years. Linux has taken great strides to become more commercial and get more support on server backed end with Dell, HP and IBM. I do not see BSD having big leaps like that plus they need a better PR rep. Every customer I go to ask for Linux because we are a Linux shop on our commercial side I very rarely see anyone ask for BSD support or do I see many BSD servers in use. If you would like to donate to the FreeBSD Foundation you can send them a donation on their site listed below. If you donate The FreeBSD Foundation is a 501(c)3, United States based, non-profit organization that is committed to supporting and building the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide. All of our work is funded by donations. US-based donations should be fully tax-deductible on your federal return.
  • December 12, 2012

    Podcast Episode 6

    The Technology Geek – Episode 6 Packetfence Install Step-By-Step Packetfence Install Guide Browser Encryption Microsoft Security Bulletins for December 2012 Zero Day Hole In Samsung Smart TV Facebook Helps FBI Shutdown Botnet Cisco voip Phone Vulnerability Internet Explorer Flaw Allows Track Mouse Movement Hotmail and Outlook Cookie Handling Vulnerability allow account Hijacking Talking Surveillance Cameras Podcast 6 Recorded Saturday December 16, 2012 (show originally aired on our old lipanitech site)
  • December 11, 2012

    Anonymous #OpEgypt Site Take Down List

    The Anonymous hacktivist group has launched Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack against Egypt Government site under the operation called “#OpEgypt“ More than 200 people have been reported injured in ongoing clashes between supporters and opponents of President Morsi. Anonymous outlined its complaints against Morsi, along with plans to hack certain government websites This is the list Government sites taken down by Anonymous:
  • Facebook’s popular photo sharing app for iOS, Instagram has a vulnerability that could make your account susceptible to be compromised. A security researcher Carlos Reventlov published on Friday a vulnerability in Facebook’s Instagram photo-sharing service that could allow a hijacker to seize control of a victim’s account. His report reads: “The Instagram app communicates with the Instagram API via HTTP and HTTPs connections.  Highly sensitive activities, such as login and editing profile data, are sent through a secure channel. However, some other request are sent through plain HTTP without a signature, those request could be exploited by an attacker connected to the same LAN of the victim’s iPhone.” The vulnerability is in the 3.1.2 version of Instagram’s application the app is susceptible to eavesdropping and man in the middle attacks that could lead anyone to delete photos and download private media without the victim’s consent.  The vulnerability was found on 11th November 2012 and Instagram authorities were informed but yet haven’t been fixed. Carlos Reventlov suggested fixes are use https for all API requests that could contain sensitive data, such as photo URLs or use a body signature for unencrypted requests.
  • December 8, 2012

    Podcast Episode 5

    The Technology Geek – Episode 5 iPhone Instagram users vulnerable to hackers John Mcafee Situation Apple’s US Manufacturing Move SEC Investigates Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Over Facebook Posting Google Axes Free Google Apps For Businesses Microsoft Surface Struggles to Ship A Million Units Disney Using Netflix For Exclusive Film Distribution Microsoft Raising Enterprise Licensing Fees Windows XP Drops Below 40% Market Share While Windows 8 Passes 1% Facebook and Zynga Move Apart Access Control System Google Uses Two Factor Authentication AT&T releases Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III Tumblr in Media 4Chan Post Predicts Doomsday Dell Ubuntu Ultrabook on Sale Apple’s new iMac Apple Maps Manager Fired Keepass to keep your password encrypted on your hard drive. Keep programs like Java, Flash, Abobe Acrobat up to date use a software called Personal Software Inspector Using an e-mail system or banking system with two form factor authentication like G-mail. Podcast 5 Recorded Saturday December 8, 2012 (show originally aired on our old lipanitech site)
  • December 7, 2012

    Tax Cuts Help Small Business

    The senate approved a yearlong extension of tax cuts for all but the highest-earning Americans.  Senators approved the Democratic bill by a near party-line 51-48 vote, with Vice President Joe Biden presiding over the chamber in case his vote was needed to break a tie. The $250 billion extends tax cuts in 2013 for millions of Americans that otherwise would expire in January.  The bill will deny those reductions to individuals making over $200,000 yearly and couples earning at least $250,000. The increase taxes on the top 2 percent of taxpayers will pay for 8 days of the Governments spending.  It’s estimated that a tax on top wage earners would bring in about $85 billion a year; the federal government spends about $85 billion every 8 and a half days. These tax cuts are being pushed to help working class family and small business owners.  It’s be leaved that 97% of businesses in the USA are small businesses so the President hopes these tax cut extensions will help to stimulate growth in out country and economy.