Microsoft is listening to their users and it’s making a point of showing it by updating Outlook 2016 for Mac is with top requested features from its Outlook UserVoice site. The Microsoft Outlook team made it a point to say “A big part of our prioritization of new features and enhancements comes from the votes and feedback we receive from you”

Send Later

You can compose an email at your leisure and schedule a date and time for when it is to be sent to the recipient. This feature is available to Office Insider Fast users today and coming to Office 365 subscribers in July.

Read and Delivery Receipts

If you need to be notified about when someone gets your emails this feature is now available. Microsoft made sure to clarify between and delivery receipt and read receipt. “A delivery receipt confirms delivery of your email message to the recipient’s mailbox, but not that the recipient has seen it or read it.”

Email templates

This is actually a feature I am surprised Microsoft did not have on the Outlook for Mac. When I first read this I was shocked but you can now compose a new message and save it as a template and reuse it at a later time when needed. I though email templates was standard in this day and age.

Calendar Events and Tasks from Emails

With the media coverage of drag and drop on the iPad at WWDC everyone using a Mac wants and needs drag and drop. You can now drag and drop emails directly to your calendar to reserve a time on your calendar.

Better Account Setup Experience

No more needing to fight with account settings or figuring out what account you have. No more asking yourself “Do I have Office 365, Exchange, IMAP or POP?” Outlook on Mac makes it easy just enter your email address and Outlook detects your account settings and guides you through the process.

The Outlook Team explains. “These additions deliver on four of our top 10 requested features, and are designed to help you get more done quickly and stay in control of the day ahead.”