What a blessing given to us by DC Comics! I am so happy that DC has decided to reprint every Nightwing volume pre New 52. It’s like a dream come true for me! Nightwing has been my favorite superhero for as long as I can remember. Regardless this has to be one of the best if not the best comic book series I have ever read. Nightwing: Blüdhaven is two graphic novels in one. It includes a solo Dick Grayson mini-series from 1995 and the first eight issues of Nightwing from 1996-1997.

Dick Grayson we all know as the original Robin and decide to go out on his own. He finds his own path as Nightwing and even gets his new costume.. I love how with this miniseries we get to see how Dick became the Nightwing we know and love today.

Dennis O’Neil is a tremendous writer as well. The dialogue was very much alive and you can tell that he had a firm grasp on who Dick Grayson really is as a person. He also takes you on this tremendous action packed thrill ride which discovers the truth behind the murder of Dick’s parents.

Dick then travels to a foreign country to find out about his parent’s past. He gets somewhat involved in a struggle between a corrupt but jailed prime minister and an even more corrupt dictator-king. The situation does not go well, and it’s even sad. But I liked it – the story really shows Dick’s character, and his past, his parents – there are even flashbacks to his parents teaching him how to fly on the trapeze and his mother calling him Robin.

The issues after the first four you read are issues -8 of Chuck Dixon’s legendary run of Nightwing’s solo series. Dixon really takes Nightwing to a whole new level here. Nightwing is on his own in Bludhaven trying to solve a mystery that ties to Gotham of course, but it still manages to make Nightwing independent and truly his own hero in his own right.

Dick returns home, and heads to Blüdhaven . Dick discovers he has a problem – he doesn’t “really” exist. He has no birth certificate, no prove of employment, no previous bill paying history, no job history, no credit. Even getting his electrical service turned on in his cheap apartment will cost him $1000.00. Still, he does find a cheap apartment, and even gets a job at a nearby cop’s bar so he can pick-up news and gossip. And at night, he goes out on his second job – as Nightwing.

We get to see Nightwing mentor the new Robin Tim Drake in one episode and we get to see Dick really showcase his experience and we get to see Drakes lack thereof experience. Some of the best panels throughout the book show multiple Nightwings, each in a slightly different position, illustrating Dick’s remarkable acrobatic and gymnast skills, and I really like how it shows the fluidity of Nightwing’s movements. And at the end, Dick meets up with Batman, who actually tells him he thinks he’s doing a good job – something Dick desperately needs to hear.

Nightwing investigates the killings in Gotham, and a mob war in Blüdhaven. I also liked the second series, which is part of the new Nightwing series. He has a less definitive end because it’s part of an on-going story, but I plan on getting the next volume.

I would give this book 5 stars great story and great illustrations it keeps you wanting more and more.