What if you could have a Netflix Party right in your home without leaving. Right now, everyone is watching Netflix. But Netflix is more fun with a party of friends. While that sounds like fun we can’t have a party’s right now. The Netflix Party app can help fix that issue and help you start a party right now.

I stumbled onto this the Netflix Party Chrome extension a few days ago when a few friends of mine who are in different states wanted to get together and watch a movie online together. We wanted to watch the movie but chat about it as well. If you are curious the movie was Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars.

While there are many ways to do this on the internet that involve some technical know-how this chrome extension does it natively and easily. While we could have used something like Discord or Paltalk that would have required us to all signup for a service. With the Netflix Party Chrome extension, all you need is a Netflix account, Google Chrome on your computer and this extension.

Install Chrome

Then Install the Netflix Party Chrome Extension

netflix party

Now go to Netflix and find the movie or show you want to watch

Once you find the show you want to watch click the Netflix Party Extension and a window will open on the right-hand side of your screen.

netflix party

You will also get a link that you can share on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

netflix party

As your friends join in you can start to chat about the movie. Where this plugin really shines is say a friend joins in halfway through the movie, he joins the movie in the same place all of you are so everything stays in sync. So, if you decide to rewind everyone watching rewinds.

The only downside to this extension is there is no voice or video the chat is text only. I know I could say the other downside is everyone must have a Netflix account but I don’t know anyone without a Netflix account. The last downside is its PC and Mac only there is no app for mobile and you must use a computer because this is chrome only extension there is no workaround.

If you have a Mac and Apple TV you can extend your screen to a bigger TV if you wanted or if you have Chromecast you can cast the tab to TV but there is still no iOS or Android native support.

I still would give this extension a great review it works well and its fun to chat with friends while watching a great show.