Mozilla released an official statement on the entire Google Anti-Trust case which is going to be going on I am sure for years to come. In an official statement from Amy Keating the CEO of Mozilla

“In this new lawsuit, the DOJ referenced Google’s search agreement with Mozilla as one example of Google’s monopolization of the search engine market in the United States. Small and independent companies such as Mozilla thrive by innovating, disrupting and providing users with industry leading features and services in areas like search. The ultimate outcomes of an antitrust lawsuit should not cause collateral damage to the very organizations – like Mozilla – best positioned to drive competition and protect the interests of consumers on the web.”

Amy goes on to say

“Unintended harm to smaller innovators from enforcement actions will be detrimental to the system as a whole, without any meaningful benefit to consumers — and is not how anyone will fix Big Tech. Instead, remedies must look at the ecosystem in its entirety, and allow the flourishing of competition and choice to benefit consumers.”

What this means is this lawsuit has the ability to seriously harm Mozilla as Google makes up almost if not all of the company’s revenue by paying to be the default search provider on Firefox which has been 7 to 10 percent of the web market share while Google chrome sits at around 80 – 90 percent of the market.

If Google is not be allowed to pay companies like Mozilla and Apple to be the default search engine as part of the Anti-Trust case this would be a major blow to Mozilla as they may need to fold the company. It’s possible that someone like Bing or Duck Duck Go would pay Mozilla but how much we do not know.

Microsoft Bing has been trying to gain market share by providing search for companies like Yahoo and AOL. I am sure they would love to see Google lose the default search engine position on bot Mozilla, iPhone, and others as Microsoft I am sure would jump to be the default on the platform going forward.