From how those Wall Street biggies will look like at the time of retirement to what should be the ideal way to spend Thanksgiving this year for you, technology has pervaded every sphere of our lives. Bringing tech solutions and innovations together, Microsoft has long been that dominant force which drives technology around the world.

Right from Volkswagen to MasterCard, Microsoft has been the go-to guy for all industry giants, taking up challenging tech assignments for all who wanted fast and foolproof solutions for coping up with the huge tech revolution in the last few decades.

Coming to this quarter, Microsoft has brought forth the financial reports, along with forecasts about the upcoming days in the cloud computing industries. This post goes on to explore some of the key areas mentioned in Q119, and talk about the insights on cloud computing.

Q119 – the major revelations

Experts are of the opinion that the Q119 is quite similar to that of Q418, and that little has changed apart from stating the revenue increase in this quarter. However, Q119 actually takes on Nadella’s message in July of this year, and goes on to show that the CEO was not far from the truth when he revealed the future of cloud computing emphasising on ethos ad cooperation among the key players.

Here are the major stats from Microsoft’s Q119 for the readers, and for those looking to make it big in the field.

  • Overall revenue for Microsoft in this quarter: $29.1 billion
  • Overall revenue has gone down by 3% from previous quarter
  • However, it is a 19% increase from this quarter in 2017, hence when you compare the stats annually, the numbers don’t look all that bad
  • Microsoft has also reported a 76% increase in revenue growth for the company in the latest reports

Cloud revenues and Microsoft

Microsoft’s chief financial officer, Amy Hood, noted that the cloud computing solution revenues at Microsoft are largely dependent on two significant factors. These factors are taken as yardsticks for growth, and have a lot to say about the future of the industry.

Cloud computing revenue at Microsoft depends on productivity and business processes. Since business processes rest at $9.8 billion this quarter, it has gone up by 19% from last year. On the other hand, Azure and other infrastructure responsible for the productivity faction stand at $8.6 billion, with an early rise at 24%.

Valuing ethos among businesses and technologies

Moving on to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s take on the report, it draws out what he has been harping on since a long time now. As a global leader in terms of tech and innovation, he speaks up about the need to maintain ethos while practising business in the modern times.

He says that at a time in which technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the need to cooperate and share and grow among the industry leaders is the need of the day. Admitting that Microsoft provides customers with the best of the tech that they can get their hands on, he emphasises on the need to be absolutely upfront with them as well. In case your customers include tech biggies or traders from your industry, maintaining a two-way and enriching communication process is imperative to ensure a better future for cloud computing businesses, especially in the age of IoT and cutting-edge AI.

Azure and the “complete cloud story”

Azure, the newest kid on the block that’s making quite a big splash at Microsoft, is all about the next-gen tech that cloud computing can offer you. From enhanced cyber security capabilities to providing platforms for big data management with ease, Azure is Microsoft’s key to the future.

Enabled with AI, this modern-day cloud computing tech from Microsoft is all set to be the benchmark for the future of all things updated. Microsoft endeavours to extend the growth and ethos value across its frameworks, and Azure is just one part of the sea of change that the tech giant is all set for. Gaming, Dynamic 365 and Azure are all under the purview of Nadella’s ethos, and have potential to become the next big thing in tech right now.

In a unified message for all its tech portals, Nadella stresses in Microsoft being one platform that spans across all of these businesses and intends to provide the following readily.

  • Azure is a large scale cloud technology that blends data, management, application, platform, security and identity seamlessly
  • Microsoft aims to present the “complete cloud story” or a balanced solution for tech customers in the future
  • Microsoft has a multi-pronged approach at merging PaaS, Dynamics 365, Office 365, and IaaS for cloud computing

With these pointers in mind, Microsoft sets short-term and long-term goals for its industries and emphasises on the importance of ethos and the values of the same in business.

Parting words

Taking it a step further from Nadella’s message and Azure’s core values, Microsoft aims at expansions into the cloud computing market more than ever. Although it maintains its stance as a one-stop destination for all updated tech in modern times, it does not rule out the possibility of opening up the competition to emerging players as well. All around, this quarter’s financial reports on behalf of Microsoft aim at a bigger and brighter future for cloud computing and related industries, while we move towards a more digitally-advanced age driven by IoT and AI.

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