Microsoft had been planning to remove its popular Paint app from Windows 10, but the company has now reversed course. The software maker had been warning Windows 10 users for months that Paint would be removed, and those warnings vanished in the latest May 2019 Update (1903). “Yes, MSPaint will be included in 1903,” says Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager for Windows at Microsoft. “It’ll remain included in Windows 10 for now.”

LeBlanc didn’t reveal why Microsoft had removed its warnings, but it’s clear Paint will no longer be removed from Windows 10 in the immediate future. Microsoft previously marked Paint as “deprecated,” meaning it wasn’t in active development and could be removed in future releases of Windows. The company had planned to remove it from Windows 10 and include it as a free optional download from the Microsoft Store.

Most of the main MS Paint functions were to be integrated into the more modern Paint 3D app, as part of a broader push to entice creators to use Windows 10. It’s not clear if Microsoft still remains committed to Paint 3D, or why there will continue to be two paint apps included with Windows 10 in the future.

Via The Verge