Microsoft’s PowerShell 7 will reach preview on Linux next month, while the company says a new “full replacement” is coming to Windows PowerShell.

Microsoft has revealed PowerShell 7, the latest version of its PowerShell Core for Linux and macOS. This latest update arrives just weeks after PowerShell Core 6.2 was sent out. In an announcement, Microsoft points out most of the growth is observing in PowerShell is coming from Linux.

That validates the company’s decision to release its task automation and configuration framework on open source. Although, PowerShell is still a Windows-first solution and Microsoft says a “full replacement” of Windows PowerShell 5.1 will arrive soon. This suggests a bump to Windows PowerShell 6.0.

The company has taken a similar leap with PowerShell 7 on Linux and Mac. Just a month ago, the company rolled out version 6.2 to users. The obvious next step would be version 6.3, but Microsoft has leapt straight to version 7.

Discussing the popularity of PowerShell on Linux, Microsoft says the platform helped the programming language reach a high of 45 on the Tiobe programming popularity list in March. Of all 11 million PowerShell startups, Windows now only represents 20 percent.