Microsoft’s Movies & TV app for Windows 10 and Xbox now supports the Movies Anywhere service. And for a limited time, if you add your Microsoft account to the Movies Anywhere app, you’ll get a free film.

Movies Anywhere, originally launched by Disney in 2014, brings together movies you’ve bought from a wide range of content providers, including Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu. Rather than having to hunt through different apps (and even different devices) to figure out which service you bought a given film from, Movies Anywhere means all your films will show up in one app, and the app can run on a wide range of devices. The Movies Anywhere app also supports buying from any service that you’ve connected.

Movies Anywhere movies will show up within Microsoft’s Movies & TV apps, even if they were bought on competing platforms. At least, so long as you live in the US, because “anywhere” does not actually mean “anywhere.”


I think Microsoft does have large userbase for movies because of the XBox.

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