If you think phones are the only smart gadgets, think again. Keeping up with the times—that’s the mind-set of the modern tech-savvy individual. For sure, you have been upgrading your lifestyle based on the most popular or trending of the recent technological advances.

Sure, they are beneficial to your personal needs, but these technological upgrades can be extended to how you run your house as well. You will find that, once you’ve incorporated smart technology into your home, you will enjoy the height of convenience. Below are just some suggestions to make your house smarter than it is now.

Make Appliances Maintain Your Home without Exerting Manual Force

Do you remember that scene in the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, where the main character used his powers to make the brooms and mops clean the place by themselves? That was amazing, right? Every homeowner who has seen that movie must have wished they had powers to command household appliances to work on their own as well.

Well, actually, you can do that these days with smart appliances. If you are sick of sweeping or vacuuming the floors every day, you can get a vacuum robot and just let it run around in the house, making floors clean in the process. You can set the oven to cook meals for you. Watching a foreign movie you can’t understand? Want Netflix on a bigger screen? No problem. Your smart TV can translate and do all that for you. You may not have magic powers, but thank heavens technology is a close second.

Install Speakers All Over Your House

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re in the laundry room and need to strain your ears to hear the music playing in the living room? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you install speakers in every room in the house and connect them to your main sound system, it can change the feel of your entire home. From music to audiobooks and more, your home will feel like it has Dolby digital surround system. This will make you experience sound like never before inside your abode.

Hook Your Smartphone to the Speakers

Sci-fi and futuristic movies have this scenario in common—people having virtual assistants reminding them of the weather, their appointments, and other things they need to do for the day. Guess what? This is the future, and people do enjoy the convenience of having personal virtual assistants. You can add that modern feature to your home too. While hooking your phone to the sound system, make Siri or Google Assistant update you with daily schedules, morning and evening routines, and more. Then you can go on your morning routine without bothering to read the updates yourself.

Up Your Security Game

Contact a trusted security agency and upgrade the security system of your home. The good, old-fashioned lock and key is still useful, but it will be an advantage to add more security measures, like a home alarm system. This way, even if you’ve forgotten your keys and would have to break into your own house using a lockpick kit, you still have the alarm system, assuring you that your house has double security against burglars or home invaders.

Set Your Garden and Yard to Tend for Themselves

Gardening and landscaping are, hands down, the best way to make your home beautiful enough for home magazines. However, maintaining their aesthetic is a chore and a responsibility a busy person just has no time for. It’s a great thing that you can set everything to work on a desired schedule. You can schedule a sprinkler system to water the garden during the day. At night, your house will still be a beauty to behold since you can install lights in the garden, highlighting the flowers, landscaping, and other pretty parts of the yard. These light fixtures can be connected to a timer and an inside switch so you won’t have to go out and turn them on and off yourself.

As you can see, there are tons of benefits in making your home smarter. The above suggestions are just ways you can start with home upgrades. Once you’ve installed these upgrades and gained the convenience they all provide, you will want to experience more.

It’s a good thing that technology is ever-shifting, ever-growing. Shows like Black Mirror are often popular because of projections scientists and inventors have of what the world will eventually look once humanity has reached the apex of innovation. When the world becomes more formidable than usual, wouldn’t it give you more confidence and peace of mind to know that your home, your sanctuary, can function well on its own and can provide protection when you need it most?

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