APPLE’S macOS Mojave will be released later today with this blockbuster upgrade including a new Dark Mode, improved finder and better security. Here’s how to get macOS Mojave and when to expect this update on your Mac.

There’s a swathe of new additions and features in this new operating system including a stunning Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop and the ability to instantly clean up your desktop with Stacks.

macOS Mojave also improves the Mac’s security and there’s now access to more Apple apps such as News, Stocks and Voice Memos.

So, if you own an iMac or MacBook, here’s all you need to know about macOS Mojave.

Apple confirmed earlier this month that macOS Mojave will be available from September 24.

There’s no word when this update will actually go live but Apple usually begins rolling things out later in the day so expect some news around 6pm.


I love a good desktop OS release.

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