I love Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee its basically my favorite coffee and at times all I drink. For me, my life consists of two beverages Coffee and Water. I am not lying about that either ask anyone who knows me I NEVER drink soda. But since I love coffee so much I like to try different brands my favorite coffee is and has always been Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee. I like the Original Blend and Breakfast Blend the best but any of it will really do I am not a huge fan of dark roast coffees but I will drink them occasionally.

Since this is my favorite brand I am always trying to find a deal and this is a great one at $5.99.

  • Smooth, full-bodied Original
  • Medium Roast
  • The Heavenly Coffee® Since 1932
  • All Purpose Grind
  • Kosher

If you decide to buy the product through the provided Amazon link we do get a small commission it does help support the site and the work we are doing here and I THANK YOU not just for buying the product but for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast and read the website.