The world is a rapidly changing place, with technology often the primary driver of said change. Part of that technological change, though, has come about due to the development of mobile technology. For just about anyone looking at the wider world of technology, the mobile world changed everything.

It gave us the internet in our hands as we walked. It gave us devices with more power than the previous decade’ desktop computers, enabling us to ask the internet anything we wished. More importantly, though, it created the single biggest chance to customer convenience that we are ever likely to see in the business world: it brought us mobile commerce.

Were you to take even a cursory look around the world of mobile commerce, you might be surprised to see just how big it has become. Mobile commerce, though, is now an industry which is seen a whopping 300% growth in just four short years. Think about what else takes place in four years – often times, it can feel like very little at all happens in our own lives. In all of our lives.

For the last four years, though, the mobile industry has been at the heart of a quiet revolution. This is made most eloquently clear by the new infographic put together by This latest change and transformation to the commerce world has been hot on the heels of the eCommerce sector.

When we could start making purchases from the comfort of our PCs, the business world changed forever. Indeed, in 2015, the retail eCommerce sector was worth just under $1.55tn. In 2018, though, that same sector is now worth $2.86tn.

While the $700bn that is part of the mobile commerce market might not sound like much in comparison, it’s tripled in size in just four years alone.

Is mobile commerce set to keep growing?

Yes, almost certainly. In fact, it was suggested that in 2018 alone we could see the date from November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day to December 1st, Cyber Monday, as a time of the year when over one third – 37% to be exact – of all US holiday retail sales will take place.

This shows you the immense scale and size of the commerce industry. With mobile commerce growing all the time, and the number of people who actually own smartphones growing too, and it’s very easy to see just why mobile commerce has become such a transformative subject within the commerce industry.

Once seen as a helpful gimmick that might help an already-addicted shopper to scratch their shopping itch when on the go, mobile commerce has turned into a behemoth of the commerce industry. It would be hard indeed to find a solution now which would be seen as an alternative.

When we made buying products from the PC so easy, we created a trillion dollar industry overnight. The mobile industry, though, looks like it might have the potential to go even higher again – and utterly transform the world of commerce alongside it.

Signal Boosters have created the infographic “The Future of M-Commerce” which outlines just how big mobile commerce is, and how much it is growing;