Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7.  Internet Explorer 10 which debuted with Windows 8 four months ago is now downloadable.  For now IE 10 is an optional update, though Microsoft will be adding it as a silent background update for IE 9 users in the next few weeks.

Available in 95 languages IE 10 is a huge step forward for Microsoft’s bringing much better web standards support and considerable speed improvements over IE 9. Microsoft claims Windows 7 users should see a 20 percent increase in performance over IE 9, as well as better battery life on Windows 7 laptops.  IE 10 also brings better support for modern web tools like CSS 3, HTML5 and related APIs, making life considerably easier for web developers everywhere.

IE10 continues Redmond’s efforts to reclaim its status as the top Web-surfing option. Over the years, IE has slowly ceded ground to competitors such as Chrome and Firefox.  While IE 10 is launching strong, Microsoft’s browser typically has a very lengthy release cycle compared to Chrome or Firefox, which both release smaller updates more frequently. Indeed, both IE alternatives are likely to see dozens of updates and improved web standards support before IE sees anything similar.

Internet Explorer 10 is of course not without its list of problems as usual Bing bar is an adon for Internet Explorer.  It by default is not compatible with IE 10 for windows 7.  Internet Explorer 10 has been released to Windows 7 to address yet another security flaw in Adobe’s Flash Player.  We will have to see how well Internet Explorer matches up against security in weeks to come.

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