HUAWEI has made great achievements in smart phone technology. HUAWEI has entered the field of laptops. HUAWEI’s laptops on sale are mainly light and thin laptops. The targeted consumer groups are white-collar workers and students. The main selling point of laptops is thinness, not performance. If you plan to buy laptops in UK, you can wait for the laptop for sale in UK. Among many laptop brands, HUAWEI must be a laptop brand that must be paid attention to.

Three Series of HUAWEI Laptops.

HUAWEI sells a total of 8 laptop models, with the main sizes covering 13, 14 and 15 inches. Among these models, Matebook 13/14 is a regular intermediate model. MateBook D is a basic model. MateBook X belongs to the high-end thin and light business series.

The body of the equipment is usually thicker. Therefore, high-performance H-series CPU is not suitable for ultra-portable laptops. Most producers choose low power U-series CPUs.

The HUAWEI MateBook standard series consists of 2 models, MateBook 13 and MateBook 14. These two are HUAWEI’s special products. The main features are high-resolution 2K screen and ultra-high screen proportion. The main function is screen touch and charging speed. 15-minute charging can provide 3 hours of office hours. It is powerful.

HUAWEI MateBook X series is divided into MateBook X and MateBook X Pro series. Among them, MateBook X is the latest version. It uses CPU display, while X Pro provides MX250 graphics card. They are extremely light and thin. They have a screen of up to 3K resolution, which is the most high-end series in HUAWEI laptops.

The features of HUAWEI laptop are in the following aspects:

The light and thin all-metal body is the lightest and thinnest in MateBook X. High-quality screens, except MateBook D series, are 2.5 K productivity screens with first-class effects. Good quality control benefits. Most are fingerprint unlocking, hidden cameras, and most are equipped with small chargers.

In terms of software, HUAWEI notebook’s unique multi-screen coordination function supports direct wireless screen synchronous interaction. It is a good design and greatly improves efficiency.

The quality control of medium and high-end products is relatively excellent. For most HUAWEI users, the purchase attentions are business and portability. Relatively long endurance is important. D series is more suitable for students to go to school.

If you have different needs, budgets, or laptop preferences, check out HHUAWEI MateBook Series. There must be a laptop that meets your requirements.