WhatsApp can definitely be regarded as one of the most famous messaging or chatting apps today throughout the world. However, it can also prove to be a real pain if you wish to convert from iPhone to Android, all the while preserving your all-important conversations, videos as well as photos intact. It is a known fact that the operating systems of both an iPhone and an Android phone have a provision of backing up your chats right from within WhatsApp. Yet, it is not a cake walk to transfer all these files between Android and iOS easily.

A WhatsApp transfer between iPhone and Android usually entails getting help from third-party software. We introduce the iSkysoft Toolbox that can help you transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android in a hassle-free manner!

Features of the iSkysoft Toolbox

An iSkysoft Toolbox is a one-of-a-kind software that makes it super easy to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android. It is an extremely safe and reliable tool using which, you can perform a variety of tasks such as WhatsApp transfer, back up WhatsApp messages and chats on your iPhone or iPad and restore your WhatsApp messages to iOS or Android. iSkysoft Toolbox makes it a piece of cake to now shift from your iPhone to an Android phone and takes away all the headache that usually comes with this transfer.

The best thing is that this software is compatible across a huge range of devices and operating systems. Therefore, you can easily download it and reap all its benefits without having to struggle with the process of WhatsApp transfer.

Let us now check out how it works!

How Does It Work?

If you are tired of going through the motions and have tried almost all the tools and software online to make this transfer just to be disappointed, iSkysoft Toolbox has come to your rescue! Simply follow the steps mentioned below in chronological order and see the magic happen!

Step 1: The first step involves downloading and installing the iSkysoft Toolbox software on your computer. After that, plug in both your iPhone and your Android device into your PC. You can use a USB cable to do that. Now, launch the iSkysoft Toolbox software and click on “Restore Social App” in order to begin.


Step 2: The software will now demonstrate a total of four options. Select “WhatsApp” that will appear on the top left side and then click on “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” to initiate the process.


Step 3: Now you can begin the procedure. To commence, click on the option that says “Transfer.” It is essential here to make sure that your connection between the computer and both the phones is solid.


Step 4: The software will then request you to enter in your account on Google Play. This step is necessary so that the tool can do its job of retrieving all your WhatsApp data without any roadblock. That said, if you do not possess a Google Play account, you do not have to follow this step and can simply skip it.


Step 5: When you are halfway through the process, the software will show you a message for your confirmation and approval or whether or not you approve all the WhatsApp messages that already exist to be overwritten. Here, select “Yes” in order to continue with the process.


Step 6: After you follow all the steps mentioned above correctly, a window will pop up (as shown in the screenshot below) where you will see that all your WhatsApp messages have been successfully transferred.     


And you’re done!

Final Words

Being residents of the 21st century, we totally understand the importance of preserving all your WhatsApp messages and other data on the app when transferring from iPhone to Android. It contains not just a plethora of memories but also essential work-related documents and chats that you just cannot afford to lose. This is why the iSkysoft Toolbox comes as a lifesaver as it helps you transfer your WhatsApp not just from iPhone to Android but also iPhone to iPhone.

It is also crucial to note that some individuals even make the mistake of trying to transfer or save their WhatsApp messages and other data on Google Drive. However, it is pertinent to understand that this will not work as Google Drive does not really offer this provision. Therefore, you might just end up losing all your valuable data instead of saving it. Also, before you undergo the process of WhatsApp transfer, you must ensure that you check all the setup details and instructions accurately. The best feature of the iSkysoft Toolbox is, perhaps, that it allows you to preview all your WhatsApp messages and other data before it starts the process of retrieval and restoration.